Nick Morris and Dave Bowers graduated from Monash University (Caulfield) in 1986, both with Diplomas in Graphic Design.

They have worked together in the Street / Surf / Art subculture since creating clothing label “UMGAWA” in 1990.

After selling the UMGAWA label, Morris worked as art director for Quiksilver. He then launched “anyhow”, his own freelance design company in Torquay.

Bowers became a regular Mambo artist, as well as working as an illustrator and musician.

Between them they have produced, and continue to produce, art for brands such as Paul Frank, Stussy, Mossimo, Lee, Globe, and St. Lenny.

They were guest speakers at the prestigious Semi Permanent Art and Design conference ‘06 in Sydney and Perth. Their work was profiled in Desktop Magazine (Jan/Feb 07), and their painting “ THE GAMBLER”, only the third canvas they ever painted together, featured on the cover. They will be speaking at AGIdeas in Melbourne in April 2008. There art has also been published in Marvi Magazine, double page spreads in Useless in Europe, Empty magazine, Semi Permanent Sydney 2004 (8 pages), 2005,Semi Permanent New York book. He has also been profiled in King Brown magazine (issue No1). 

Their combined canvases at ART MELBOURNE 07 sold out in two days.
This was the first time they had shown them in Melbourne.

They have exhibited at Fresh Gallery in Melbourne, Ho Gallery in Melbourne and Tiger Fish in Torquay. The prices have almost tripled in three months after an enormously successful showing at Art Sydney. After trucking down the Hume Highway the night before the show and sleeping in the back of the car at a truck stop, art was walking out the door from the outset of the show. An empty trailer was the vision for the journey back and it soon became a reality. They are currently exhibiting at Space Junk gallery in France and Gaffer Gallery in Hong Kong.

With collectors buying from all over the country and also internationally it is boom town for Doug Bartlett and his lacky’s.

“Morris’ and Bowers’ canvases indicate that freshness is still possible in a culture exhausted by all sorts of visual bombardment.”
Dr. Claudia Calirman, New York Museum of Fine Art